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Wheelchairs Aluminium Foldable RampHN-18

The LR10W Aluminium Foldable Ramp provides solutions for negotiating steps and kerbs, transferring wheelchairs in or out of vehicles, and compensating for height differences. This Model provides assistance to negotiate heights of upto 12 inches (safely) or upto 18 inches with the supervision of an attendant.


Height 50mm Width 736mm Length 2089mm Foldable Lengthwise These Ramps provide:
  •   Soft end profiles – prevent ramp from sliding during use and cushion shocks during transport
  •   Soft, rounded handles – provide comfort during transport
  •   High safety level – high strength - integral non-slip surface provides a good foothold under all conditions, and will not wear out
  •   Maintenance-free – anodised aluminium profiles – to increase stability and strength
  •   Attractive and functional design

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